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Cheap and Easy Storage Solutions for Apartments

When you have an apartment - storage solutions that are inexpensive and simple are top priority.

The truth is that you just don't have the money or the space to do much more than this thus -limiting your storage options.

However, if you can be a little creative - you will find that storage solutions are available for the apartment dweller. And while these solutions aren't going to make your apartment any bigger - they can certainly make it feel that way.

Look for Unused Space

To begin finding storage solutions for your apartment - it will help if you take a personal tour of your apartment on your own.

Really look around your apartment for space that isn't filled under the bed, under tables, closets, doors, etc.

Be creative as you hunt for additional space - though it's not terribly hard to find some once you look.

Although you might want to reserve some of this space for items you wish to buy in the future - when you have items to store - you need to learn what your options are first.

Under the Bed Options

One of the easiest storage solutions for apartments is to add storage boxes under your beds and futons.

These boxes can be found at nearly every office supply retailer for less than $10 for a multiple pack. They're easy to assemble, sturdy and usually recyclable.

If you have a little more money to spend - plastic under bed boxes offer more protection for your stored items. You can store things like out of season clothes, extra toiletries and photo memorabilia in these spaces as well as financial documents and other important papers.

Under the Tables

When you have a side table or a larger nightstand table that has space beneath it - why not use it to your advantage?

Try adding baskets with items you need to store extra towels, cleaning supplies, etc. Then, drape a decorative cloth or blanket over these tables to hide the evidence that you are storing something under the table. Smaller dressers can also fit under tables and provide you with more storage solutions.

Hanging Storage

The backs of your doors can provide numerous storage solutions as well. There are many inexpensive storage pieces you can find at retailers to hold your shoes, toiletries, and other items.

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By handing these zippered storage pieces on your doors - you aren't going to impede the rest of the apartment, plus you can keep things in sight for you to use more regularly.

How often have you forgotten that you've bought a certain pair of shoes only to find it later on after you spent money on a new pair?

In an apartment, storage solutions are everywhere, if you simply look to maximize the space you already have with cheap storage containers.

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